Value Engineering

Understanding the best technology for the scope is important to us. We value our client’s budget and work with our client to achieve a result which allows for improved engineering solutions.

Value engineering is not necessarily about specifying one material throughout, it is closely associated with the current market, local technologies and desired aesthetic.


From Formwork Design to Post-Tensioning, we are able to assist you with the structural design of concrete construction systems.

Our experience extends from a simple residential slab to multi-storey post-tensioned floorplates in commercial builds.

Mass Timber

With numerous connections with European companies and having projects across the globe, we are able to provide you with expert knowlegde in timber construction.

We have worked closely with builders to fabricate off-site and with architects who want to realise their timber projects today. Along with providing Engineering advice for timber, our expertise also lies in providing fire-resistance advice, consultation with building surveyors and communication of solutions that work with international standards in other parts of the world.


We can help you engineer cold-formed metal, particularly steel and aluminium. With European training, we understand the principles around minimal metal use to eliminate and reduce thermal bridges. However, we equally understand the benefit of using metal for its particular properties that make it an efficient material to use where a particular aesthetic is desired.

Shop Drawing

Unique to our engineering services is the ability to provide structural and construction advice with the use of shop drawings and 3D integration models. Click below for some examples.

(models take a while to load, just let it run for a while)

Site Inspections

From residential to large commercial projects we have been involved and inspect on site to provide solutions to building surveyors and others wanting to ensure that your structure is adequate.


This is really where we get to test our engineering knowledge. Art is an important part of the built environment and we can provide you with solutions in line with the suite of services we offer to ensure that your artwork will succeed from a structural perspective.